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5 Beautiful Christmas Themes 2020

5 Beautiful Christmas Themes 2020

Tis the Season to be Decorative. It is that time of year that decorating is at the top of everyone’s list. We have curated some amazing Christmas themes for 2020. Although, this year has been kind of awkward…that does not mean that the Holidays have to be. Here is a list of our 5 top Beautiful Christmas Theme.

1. Glam Christmas

Glam Trees are one of our favorites especially when they have the 2020 Pantone color blue. These types of trees give a statement of Royal Holiday. Glam Trees can be used with just about any color. Gold and Silver ornaments compliments these trees. They are elegant and grand which serves as a statement piece. The trees pair well with different ribbon styles but especially ribbons with glitter, gold, metallic, and rose golds. A neutral color room and décor makes this tree stand out.

Style Tip: Use shiny colors, matte colors, glitter, shiny Christmas décor.  Pick a tree that matches your interior and add a lot of ornaments that fit in the style. Don’t neglect fancy glasses and shiny lights for themes like this.

2. Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is definitely a classic but this years nutcracker has a bit of Modern Flare. The nutcracker theme takes on a whimsical elegance, as it incorporates fun colors of red, green, gold, and silvers. This look is sure to inspire images of dazzling Christmas parties. Using garlands and fern to build up the tree will give the definition that is needed with out adding a ton of ornaments. This is to complement and not overpower the beautiful and elegant nutcrackers.

Style tip: Putting Nutcrackers embodied into the tree, using reds, greens, \and a candy can striped ribbon. Keep it simple and full of color.

3. Pastels

Pastels are create a clean and whimsical atmosphere. Not only is it fun but it gives off a sense of magical. Using a pastel that matches your current décor or if you have a neutral color room is best. One of the best ways to create a soft and comfy atmosphere is by using rose-gold and floral ornaments. You can make your own ornaments using rose glitter and don’t forget to wrap up your gifts in floral wrapping paper. Pastel pink, white, beige, and baby blue are ideal colors for this theme.

Style tip: rose golf, soft pastel colors, matte ornaments, fur ribbon, neutral color ornaments, shiny elements.

4. Ol’ Farmhouse

We have done a ton of designs this year with the farmhouse style. This Ol’ Farmhouse Christmas theme will accent these homes beautiful and look absolutely amazing your traditional home style as well. This year using more rustic elements such as metal, rustic woods, or reclaimed woods will be a perfect combination. Some fun ideas for Ol’ Farmhouse is using a a hat Christmas tree wall. This idea provides the perfect flair to any farmhouse style and … hint, hint….its a space saver. Gives a feeling of nostalgia this Christmas. This trend can consist of a more neutral palette or be full of bright red berries.

Style tip: natural elements, pine combs, wooden garland, cozy plaid prints, rustic details like berries, natural woods, and even aged metals

5. Flocked

This trend has been around a couple of years and is here to stay. In Charleston, SC we barely get the sweater weather. So a flocked tree is like a soft snow capped eucalyptus-green accent. When decorating your tree use more natural textures like wood, rattan and wool. Wooden decorations are perfectly paired with this tree to provide the warmth to this frosty tree. Dressing the tree with a more whitewashed wood and a contrast soft creams and neutral colors will provide the depth and appeal that makes this tree come to life.

Style tip: Pom Pom garlands, wooden ornaments, fabric ornaments, neutral textured ornaments, neutral .

” Holidays are a time to be extravagant and experiment with different items in your home such as DIY’ing candle holders with your favorite nutcrackers or even using a flower planter or tin tub as a tree stand.”

– Southern Care Design

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