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Importance of a Budget | Interior Design

Importance of a Budget | Interior Design

Importance of a Budget | Interior Design

Yes, the most important thing that everyone does not like to discuss. Some feel that it puts them in a box for their possibilities. Some feel that is a personal answer. Designers work with clients to find there wants and needs. In order to provide them with amazing service, the infamous budget question is vital to understanding your needs.

 Why is it important?

Knowing your budget is important for a designer because…

1. It helps them build a beautiful and affordable design for the client
2. It saves time in which time is MONEY
3. It keeps the process seamless

Ok… so you know I love speaking about my family and friends. Don’t be mad at me MOM! Lol, you are awesome. My mother has been doing a large amount of work in her home and she loves to call her daughter to help. Who wouldn’t want help from their Interior Design daughter? My mom called because she recently removed the popcorn from her ceilings and painted her foyer, hallways, and living room. Lighting is important in her home because it’s not a lot of natural lighting from the windows. The first question I asked her is what is our BUDGET. She proceeds by saying “I DONT HAVE A BUDGET”. Okay, in my mind I’m thinking ” What…We aren’t RICH”. I advised her that even the rich have a budget. I explained to her that by saying you don’t have a budget could mean that you do not have a price range. That means that I can find any item regardless of the price and you should be ready to purchase. She stated, ” Oh NO, I mean I have ZERO BUDGET”. Lmbo, I stated “so… you aren’t looking to purchase anything”. Immediately, she realized that budgets are extremely important. Designers are utilizing budgets to assist with finding options and not wasting time. 

“GUESS what could happen, if you do not give a Budget…”

1. You can become upset with your designer…Why? Because they can not GUESS what you can afford.

2. Waste of Time and Money. How? Because the designer is building designs by GUESSing what they think you can afford. 

3. A small project can become expensive without a Budget. When? If the budget is not set then designers are spending numerous amounts of time GUESSing what you can afford. 

I think you got it!!!! 

It’s important to know your budget or set a budget because it causes the designer to “GUESS WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

Even if you are unsure of what your budget is that is perfectly OKAY. Because that is why you hired an Interior Designer to help you set a budget. Designer’s, the best time to have the BUDGET discussion is after hearing your clients needs and wants. That way you can give them a picture of what to expect. Additionally, a proposal sets out a figure that your client can expect the project to cost. Once the proposal is agreed on and signed then the client is ready to start the project.

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